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Sulawesi Seas by Mike Severns. A Superbly photographed 160 page large format hardback book with slightly damaged dust cover. Hundreds of large photographic plates 0964226 90 1
The Salt Water Aquarium in the Home by Robert P.L. (Bob) Straughan
Dr Burgess's Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes.   A HUGE thick book with hundreds of colour plates - Virtually New. TFH pp1, 024   and 1.990 photos
FISHES OF THE RED SEA by Muki Shpiegel pp160. Beautifully Crafted and lavishly photo illustrated handbook for anyone contemplating a visit Red Sea magazine Press 1997....
FISHES OF THE RED SEA - A Memofish Pocketbook Great little rare reference book
***** Marine Fishes of El Salvador (Los Cabanos) in English pp14x11 126 pages Embossed cover. Cloth bound HB. A superb range of full page lithograph plates by Juan Amador, (Division of...
Collecting Marine TROPICALS by Rodney Jonklaas. Rodney Jonklass with Hilary Guneratne was a pioneer of marine fish catching in Sri Lanka throughout the sixties and seventies and...
encyclopaedia of fishes by Paxton and Eschmeyer (second edition) includes (introducing fishes) (classifying fishes)( fishes through the ages ) habitats and adaptations / fish...
A Basic Guide to the Chemistry of Marine Aquariums. The Cyclic Chemistry of Marine Aquaria by Gerald Jennings Calypso Publications
THE BIG ATLAS OF AQUARIUM FISH Claus Schaefer pp.98 HB. Vemag, Cologne. A superbly colour photographed large format introduction to Aquarium fishes
365 FISH by Kotai A Graphic artist's dream Author: Tamas Kotai . Illustrated by Antal Vida Publisher: Konemann Media Vince Books: Paperback Pages: 400 Our price including UK...

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