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Queer Fish

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QUEER FISH by F.G.Boulenger
Decorative Cloth. . First. Octavo. 1931 Edition An interesting treatise on unusual fish and their natural history. Illustrated with sketches, many from nature, by L.R.Brightwell
contents: 1) Introduction. 2) Walking and Climbing Fish. 3) Electric Fish. 4) Blind Fish. 5) Armoured Fish. 6) Flying-Fish. 7) Lung-Fish. 8) Flat-Fish. 9) Goldfish. 10) Giant Fish. 11) Nursing Fish. 12) Nest-Building Fish. 13) Fish and Their Travels. 14) Luminous Fish. 15) Baby Fish. 16) Fighting-Fish. 17) Other Queer Fish. 18) Food Fish. 19) Fossil Fish. 20) Shell Fish. 21) Aquatic Mammals

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